Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg – Feels So Good

Snoop Dogg:
Fell good we got homeboyz out there that look out for
That’s on the real
I mean the real homeboy it’s hard to come by now days
Ya know what I’m saying
That’s real

Snoop Dogg:
Joy and pain
Pain and joy
I’m trying to do right and united the homeboyz
Eastside rip ride
When we dippin’ ? ?
We do it to ya in this side
That’s right
That’s’ how we do it in the L-B-C
All we know is that “G” and we
Trying to get somewhere
I gotta get somewhere
I can’t fail (Why)
Nigga ain’t made for jail
I remember when I had a million dolla bail
On my head
Left a nigga straight fo’ dead
Fuck a Fed
My homeboy Tray Dee once said:
“You gotta crackin’ with this rappin’
Nigga, take it to the head”
I’mma mash for mine
Down for the grind
I got to get my hands on some paper times mine
Specially with the homies on mash with me
I’m independent in a minute
Nigga come get me

It’s all good in our hood
Happens so damn good right
You always give some back and that’s a fact
It’s all good in our hood
Happens so damn good right
You always give some back and that’s a fact
And havin’ a rider on your side.

Swoop G:
I’m outspoken
My language is broken into a slang
Just expressing
Thirty eight choice of my weapon
I say I die for under oath
Niggas will take you for your bread
Man! The whole loaf
Everything in a twist
Where everybody trying to get rich
The hardest nigga, the first one go out bitch
Hustlin’ for survival
Scoop my 5.0
Book’em, down on nigga start sayin’
Somebody got my back
I don’t know who
Cause run like he kick it
I don’t know you
Player haters, every minute wanna ride with D
Every other minute wanna diss my clique
Ya’ll niggas gotta raise up the ? ?
Runnin’ round town lyin’ bout you seen us
Is a trip, it don’t stop and I wish it would
Long as I’m chipped up
It’s all good
I got my back.


Lil’ C-Style:
I always got strach with hustle
Like a Mack
Khakis in my legs, T-shirts and some quarter sacks
Representin’ Eastside to the fullest
And keep me a pistol and won’t hesitate to use it
Fools! I’m just tryin’ to make music
Keep on movin’
Buy me a yatch and keep cruisin’
Dippin’ in my north star Cadi’ Seville
Makin’ corner in the hood and still keep it real
Jumpin’ out shootin’ dice ain’t no big ass deal
I got a deal
So you know
I got money to spill
Lil’ Style is my name but call me Dolla bill
Wit a whole lotta money now that’s gangster
So keep it real
So when you see me up in traffic
Holdin’ a heater on my lap and will blasted
R.I.P. to all my homiez in the caskets
Having to ride outta your side in fantastic.


Crooked I:
Hey speakin’ a rhyme or two
That’s what the hell I do
You player hatin’ Crooked I nigga
Hold up
“W” get throw up when I role up
And the ho’s that stroll up
Get the ho’s that I ??
So what’s the hold up
Since I showed up I sew up: the game
With the flow bucket
So rough show none
So miss me with that ra ra
I’m just tryin’ hit some na na
Like her name was stack La La
But sho don’t
Ya’ll don’t know we makin’ that paper pal
With Tha Eastsidaz and Bow Wow
Really now!
You and “G”
French braids and grimm
Makin’ all the ho’s saying:
“We like busting him”
Back in the West we life dangerest
Everybody was raised up gangsterish
We still sip on gnach, chip crystal
Make money and get back
Yeah we too tight for that.


It’s all good, so good
Somebody got your back.

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