Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu – Argentina

Verse 1: Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu:
Argentina is a country just south of Brazil
And north of the Antarctic, where the winds are chill
They got a sun on their flag called the Sun of May
And people go outside during the day

Interlude: Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu:
“People go outside during the day”? That’s not a fact about Argentina
Shh, play it cool, I actually don’t know anything about Argentina

Verse 2: Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu:
Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world
Argentina is home to boys and lots of girls
Buenos Aires is the capitol, the city’s alive
When you jump in Argentina, rules of gravity apply

Interlude: Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu:
Gravity? You don’t know one single thing about Argentina?
Uh, they have beef there?
Yеs! Argentina is the third-largest еxporter of beef in the world
Oh, in that case…

Verse 3: Madison Hu, Olivia Rodrigo & Both:
Down south, I know a place where we can have some fun
Where the farmers raise beef and they do it well done
It’s like a kingdom of cows, I’m super impressed
When it comes to herding cattle, Argentina does it best
(You just got T-boned, son)
I ride high in the saddle every time I rap battle
Got my mind on my money and my money’s on the cattle
I be chillin’ and grillin’, fillin’ up on mad steaks
Then I retreat to the beef, even when my belly aches
(You want fries with that?)

Chorus: Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu:
Beef, beef, y’all, Argentina’s got beef
Meet me at the border where the steak is cooked to order
Beef, beef, y’all, Argentina’s got beef
It’s the place I wanna stay when I’m cravin’ filet

Outro: Madison Hu:
Ah, yeah, stay milky, y’all

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