Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Bum Bum

It’s Gucci
Livin’ Legend
I’m a legend
I’m glad that this game so easy to me
Bu-Bum Bu-Bum Bum
God thanks for sending this dope to me
Bu-Bum Bu-Bum Bum
Got his F&N in his car with me
Bu-Bum Bu-Bum Bum
God thank you for sending this bomb to me
Bu-Bum Bu-Bum Bum

I’m rollin’ and I’m gone off ecstasy
Hoes keep saying I’m sexy man
I don’t believe nothin’ I see or hear
Cause half of that shit ain’t real to me
I got a nigga rollin’ with me he’ll kill for me
I got another nigga like to do deals for me
My daddy was a hustler apple don’t fall far from the tree
And I am Gucci Mane my son is gone be a G (Bu-Bum Bu-Bum Bum)
Got that gun with me
Got two hundred round drums in the car with me
I’m bustin blunts got ten cigars with me
I’m gettin’ head got a Porno star car with me

Like MJ in Thriller man I dance with monsters
Even right now it’s a thief amongst us
Sometimes I know that it’s a snitch amongst us
And they gone come out and then my goons gone hunt ya
I got straps like super country
White couch, headshot, decorate your fun-ture
Oops I meant furniture but damn I fronted ya
He ran off with the pack so I had to punish him
Torture two days and I need some answers
Chain so sick prolly got breast cancer

Yellow diamond rolly time piece bananza
I’m ballin’ hard R. Kelly party fiesta
R. Kelly numbers {when I ask my investors?}
Sixteen year old white girls to stretch ya
And you can’t comprehend cause I’m too over your head bruh
Seven days a week I’m gone pull up in a red car
I’m super duper high and I’m super successful
Hundred pounds I break it down Five pounds the extra
Bullets go through ya head {who nexta, who nexta, nexta?}
I’m talkin’ to ya now but I don’t like to lecture Comentários

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