Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks – Allison Miranda

It was a two lane north of Casper
Is where this all begins
Heading back to Oklahoma
For a week to visit friends
She was walking on the highway
So I pulled off to the side
And asked her is she needed a ride

We tore up that old blacktop
Til’ we found I-25
And just into Colorado
She asked if she could drive
I never met nobody like her
I never laughed so much
And I grew hungry for her touch
I used to think of autum
As sweaters and leaves
And I used to think the night
Was just for dreamers and theives
But that was before she came
Allison Miranda was her name

By the time that we hit Kansas
We both felt pretty beat
So we found our selves a motel
And grabbed a bite to eat
And we’d rest for a few short hours
Soon we’d be out of there
Three days later we came up for air

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I can’t forget the morning
I woke alone in bed
To a rose left on her pillow
And a goodbye note that read
You can not grow a flower
If you do not have a seed
Now I’ve got everything I need

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, it was he name

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