The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood – Livin’ In a Dream (feat. Nipsey Hussle)

Dream, where everybody loves me
Living in a dream world, how’d I get so lucky?
So tell me how you feel (tell me, tell me, tell me)
Oh baby, is everything real? (Tell me, tell me, tell me)
I got nothing to lose (tell me, tell me, tell me)
To lose, I got nothing to prove
Nothing to you (to you)

Moving at a mile in a minute
We set the place but going over the limit
Always wondered what I’ve been missin’
The checkered flag doesn’t mean that you’re finished, oh
I got everything that I wanted
I built myself a house on the hill
All my passions fulfilled, saw it fast like a fill
All that sadness and guilt, now I just wanna chill
But I can’t, my son tans in Thailand
Swimming on a cloud made of hands
Money in my pocket still be watering my pants
No A.C. in the Crib but I got plenty of fans
Said “I love you” too soon
Reach for the stars and I hit the Moon
Now everytime I look at you
Feels like like déjà vu

Living in a dream (a dream)
Where everybody loves me (everybody loves me)
Living in a dream world
How’d I get so lucky? (How’d I get so)
So tell me how you feel

(Nipsey Hussle)
Uh, I feel like a legend in these boomers sways
I’ma still make millions when this music fade
Reinvent everytime the music change
My gut had me feeling like I knew the way
I feel like I spoke for my generation
All game and my demonstration
To my gang, I’m a different greatness
Pay dues, never missed a payment
Stay true, now that’s entertainment
Feel like I’m built for whatever storm
Whatever way the game test me, in whatever form
Wall in dark times that they never saw
I feel like I stand tall and I can never fall (yeah)
I feel like a one of one (ah)
Like the last dope boy in the gang with a hunnid tons (yeah)
Tupac, got the trouble, sending Boozie Badass
Drop the bag on you niggas if I want it done

Living in a dream
Where everybody loves me (everybody loves me)
I’m living in a dream world
How’d I get so lucky? (how’d I get so)
So tell me how you feel
Now the war is over
Can’t get any older
20/20 vision

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