Rammstein – The Model (Translation To: Das Modell)

She’s a model and she’s looking good
I’d like to take her home with me it’s understood
she plays hard to get she smiles from time to time
it only takes a camera to change her mind

Shes going out to night clubs drinking just champagne
and shes been attracting all the men
she’s playing her game and you can hear them say
she’s looking good for beauty we will pay

She exhibits herself for consumer products
and is being looked at by millions of eyes
her new cover picture is simply fantastic
I must see her again, I know she has done it

(não consegui entender direito … mas eu sei que a ultima estrofe está toda errada…. se vocês puderem encontrar a letra correta.. ficarei agradecido pois preciso aprender a tocar essa musica…. obrigado)

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