Queen – Soul Brother

Verse 1:
God bless my soul here he comes now
The man with the most, how does he do it?
Sure he’s got style, he’s so heavy

Chorus 1:
He’s a trip, can do anything
Anything, anything
He’s my soul brother

Verse 2:
He’s my best friend, he’s my champion
And he will rock you rock you rock you
Because he’s the saviour of the universe
He can make you keep yourself alive
Make you keep yourself alive

Chorus 2:
Ooh brother, cause he’s somebody, somebody
You can love
He’s my soul brother

When you’re under pressure, feeling under pressure
Yeah pressure, yeah pressure
He won’t let you down
When you’re under pressure
Ooh feeling under pressure, yeah pressure
So he won’t let you down
My brother won’t let you down
He won’t, he won’t, he won’t let you down
He can do anything, anything, anything
He’s my soul brother

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, soul brother, anything (soul brother)
Anything (soul brother), anything (soul brother)
He’s my soul brother, brother, brother, brother, brother
Anything (soul brother)
Anything (soul brother)
Anything (soul brother)
He’s my soul
Soul brother
He can do anything
He can do anything
Because he
He’s my soul brother

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