Queen – Marriage of Dale and Ming (And Flash Approaching)

Skit 1:
Vultan: Come on! It’s time to burn out!
Flash Gordon: Sorry, Vultan. I’m not coming!
Vultan: What?! You’ll be destroyed!
Flash Gordon: You ? bird. Get out of here! They need you on the ground!

He’ll save every one of us

Skit 2:
Vultan: Hold ? , my brave hawkmen! ? known forever as ? !

Skit 3:
(Do you, Ming the Merciless, ruler of the universe, take this Earthling Dale Arden to be your empress of the hour?)
Ming: Of the hour? Yes
(Do you promise to use her as you will?)
Ming: Not only
(Not to blast her into space? Until such time, as you know, ? )
Ming: I do
Dale: I do not!

He’s a miracle!
King of the impossible

Skit 4:
(? your majesty. With this ring, I thee wed!)


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