Queen – Leaving Home Ain’t Easy

Verse 1:
I take a step outside and I breathe the air
And I slam the door and I’m on my way
I won’t lay no blame
I won’t call you names
‘Cause I’ve made my break
And I won’t look back
I’ve turned my back
On those endless games

Verse 2:
I’m all through with ties
I’m all tired of tears
I’m a happy man, don’t it look that way?
Shaking dust from my shoes
There’s a road ahead
And there’s no way
Back home (no way back home)
Oh, but I have to say

Leaving home ain’t easy
Oh, I never thought it would be easy
Leaving on your own
Oh, there’s a million things
A-calling me back
Leaving home ain’t easy
On the one you’re leaving home

Stay my love
My love, please stay
Don’t stray, my love
What’s wrong, my love?
What’s right, my love?

Leaving home ain’t easy
My God, how could I think of leaving?
Leaving on your own
Still trying to persuade me that
Leaving home ain’t necessarily
The only way

Leaving home ain’t easy
But may be the only way

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