PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey – The Crowded Cell

I’m in a crowded cell
The super calls my name
He shoves me in a room
He calls two soldiers in

They clamp my head with irons
Their hands becoming fists
You will see us again
You will remember this

They tie me up with ropes
They beat my legs with sticks
I cannot use my legs
They drag me to a desk
Behind it sits a man
Fingernails are on the floor
He laughs and asks: ” What kind
Of freedom do you want? ”

They push me down the stairs
I’m lying on the ground
Behind the set of doors
I hear two women howl

I see three men on rags
Their hands tied to their feet
Their faces pinched with clamps
Guards pulling out their teeth

They drag me to the gates
They dump me on the ground
The super laughs and says
“Walk to your freedom now”

This image on repeat
A mouth that cannot speak
A huge force pressing in
A giant looming fist
You will see us again
You will remember this

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