PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey – Just A Working Girl

A sixteen year-old virgin out drinking with his mates.
A layman, with the key to the Pearly Gates,
signs his fake name in illegible scrawl,
and a right-on type, the most ashamed of all.

Just a working girl – schemes and misses appointments
Just a working girl – dreams and disappointments.

A fishmonger who hasn’t washed for a week.
A graphic artist who rinses so much he squeaks.
A butcher with knotted muscles and a potted belly.
Medical students, alls schoolboy chuckles and petroleum jelly.

The overalls of bricklayers on a Saturday night.
The suits of glum professionals with midweek blight.
The glasses of computer freaks who’ve laid their software down,
and the arses of accountants heaving up and down, up and down.

A sales assistant with his petty hand in the till.
The gasman is collecting just one more bill.
A headmaster with a Polaroid and a pleated uniform.
The nightwatchman stops by quickly on his long walk home.

Just a working girl – schemes and missed appointments.
Just a working girl – dreams and disappointments.
Just a working girl – creams and dull apartments.

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