Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu – Blobfish

Intro: Olivia Rodrigo, Madison Hu & Both:
This song goes out to a guy that doesn’t get a lot of love (No love)
Probably because he was voted the world’s ugliest creature (Ugly)
But these two girls think you got it goin’ on
This one’s for you, blob fish
Oh! Oh! Oh!

Verse: Madison Hu & Olivia Rodrigo:
When I first saw you, blob fish
I said I really like your smile
Okay, that picture’s not your best one
And that drool is pretty vile
Boy, I think you are perfect (Perfect)
Just wanna get closer to you (Ugh)
Maybe not that close, my love
I can see all of your goo

Outro: Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu:
Blob fish, you’re endangered
Of breaking my heart

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