Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – White Girl

Yellow benz wit a spoiler kit wit my spoiled little chick
Yellow diamonds on my neck and wrist match this yellow bitch
She a trip shawty she shit she know she the shit
If u dont buy her what she want then she throw a fit
She a bitch shawty mean as shit but she super thick
And she act silly like a kid give her candy stick
She a bitch make her flip a brick make her sic a chick
Since legit ive been swaggin dick gucci mane the shit
I met a girl name susie i let her join my group
I know she not a groupie so i let her in my coup
I snatched her in my fender while i stashed her in matire
Susie is a money maker but that bitch a liar
Susie roll in 08 walry but that girl on fire
Pull us over calaboaty said she heisipieicis
Ten percent in my car shawty singing like mariah
Singing like the choir better yet singing like mya bitch

Well my name is susie and gucci think i love him
That sucka think im loyal but i fucks with all the hustlas
I be wit all the ballas i be in all the spots
I might be in yo kitchen nigga cooking with yo pops.

I think i love her
I think i love her
I know i love her
I know i love her
I think i love her

Soulja boy man polow da don i think i love this girl man huh

She sweet but keep keep she stings her eye ring
Two piece she dime piece and jeans they dead meat
She sweet she so deep she read with good teeth
Two jobs she get cheese her dates are my treat
How neat she loves to eat we eat bon appetite
We fed she so neat and like me she so neat

Nigga i weighs top but i run the block
This bitch is so hot my clip is close shot
My wrist froze with rocks i cops all the drops
I rode all the nots exposed the have nots
My hos hos will pop like young goldie locks
We got white bolgin rocks sip locks stocks the cot
We never close the shops we hot steaming hot
Im susie sarah got a click clack pop pop

I think i love her
I think i love her
I know i love her
I know i love her
I think i love her Comentários

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