Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Up My Alley

I’m ridin high down 85
We call it i-ocho cinco
In a orange & black gallardo
State troopers be screamin bingo
Chinchilla in my villa three hundred cash is my pillow
A gate with my initials and small militia with pistols
From sun valley to cali to poppin bottles in dallas
From shootin dice in an alley to gambling at caeser’s palace
When gooch was playin trafficker niggas was playin galaga
Can’t be too specific my ticket was so spectacular
See i never been a stranger of sellin them white rectangulars
But i had to switch my angle ‘fore snitches start pointin their finger, bruh
So while y’all gettin extorted and fakin like y’all importin
I got twin 40s on shorty i’ll send yo bitch ass to orbit, gucci!

I got on sun valley’s rally,
Sittin on top sun valley, valley
Robin jean, tru’s and valleys
That’s right up my alley, alley
Just came back from dallas, dallas
Now i’m going back to cali, cali
Pretty girls, expensive furs that’s right up my alley alley!
Yo girlfriend i’m bout to pull her
Don’t blame me man blame my jeweler
On my way to bora bora
She can explore like dora dora
No friends then i’ll buy one for her
No clothes then i’ll buy some for her
That’s right up my alley alley!

These boys ain’t on my level
I’m smoking kush by the elbow
In a mansion that’s so big when i talk i can hear my echo
I’m upper-echolon watching kobe take on lebron
But you are lacking funds, can’t be me ain’t got the coins
I’m cooler than the fonz just tryna off all the blow
So when you holla “i got the snow”
Pink diamonds for you haters we label
No they ain’t able
Coke bottles on my table
And models be on my payroll
The goons that hang with me like to cut you up like a pizza
Boss bitches in my circle purse fatter than queen latifah
So don’t chase waterfalls stick to rivers thats in ya city
And r.i.p. to left eye but gucci necklace is chilly, gucci!

I mingle with society, black diamonds match my tuxedo
I’m hot as a volcano these rappers are just mosquitos
Who’d ever think i’d get richer than slangin’ kilos
My jewelry man’s a weirdo, pink diamonds sit in my earlobes
Vs is my preference, elegant while ya’ll negligent
Candy kush and hennessey make me feel i’m the president
Your boyfriend is a cornball, gucci mane i’m a mob boss
I don’t call that a corn toss, ride off with him it’s your loss
My body’s like a novel so read it when i take my shirt off
And i’ll always be icy my bracelet cold as a smirnoff
Jump in my bird and merk off,
So pussy run off and jerk off
I’m still sliding through the six like my younger days droppin’ work off Comentários

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