Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Two Thangs

Gucci mane
Two thangs
Trap house

Gucci mane in da building (gucci, gucci)
Laflare, big kat (laflare)
Say we got it like that (like that)
Everythang don’t mean two thangs, watch this


Young gucci mane got a style so strange
Every word i use might mean two thangs repeat 3x:

Young gucci mane got a style so strange
Every word i use dont mean two thangs


It ain’t the way its da principle (uhh)
What kind of student make mo money than da principal
And i never made da honor roll (uhh)
But i’m in the lunch line with a honor roll
U pumpin’ iron in da weight room (uhh)
I’m on da grind got a nine in da weight room
And i never play softball (uhh)
But i always kept da hard and da soft balls
U doin math on da calculator (uhh)
I’m weighin slabs doin math on a calculator
And i ain’t tryna to write no essays (uhh)
I’m tryna to get a hundred pounds for my eses
U tryna learn how ta speak spanish (uhh)
But my connect tryna teach me ta speak spanish
And u a monitor in da hallway (uhh)
I’m allday on da grind wit a 4-way



U da one who won da spelling bee (uhh)
I’m da first 3rd grader wit a felony
And i never was a teacher’s pet (uhh)
I’m da one who went and stole da teacher’s cigarettes
And i never went on field trips (uhh)
I’m at walter’s tryna buy me some stash slips
And i always been cut throat (uhh)
15 takin’ big niggas starter coats
Laflare entertainment by myself (uhh)
But i used to have a high right, low left
Gettin’ money by da truck loads (uhh)
Rollin up big fat el productos
Before i drank v.s.o.p. remy
I used to drank that md 22
Woodgrain and reverse 8’s (uhh)
Box chevy trunk soudin’ like a earthquake



I gotta give it to u raw man (uhh)
Cause i still keep a trunk full of raw
I’m a nigga from da block man (uhh)
In da club puttin down wit da block man
U probably gotta worka 9 to 5 (uhh)
I’m on da grind wit da nines for da 55
Bitch u a half of a 12 (uhh)
Low key bucket tryna duck 12’s
So what’s up wit dem t-shirts (uhh)
I got a t-shirt tuck under my t-shirt
Better watch yo fuckin’ tone man (uhh)
Cuz u know gucci keep a tone man


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