Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – That’s All

In the club tryin to find me a bad ass broad
Gave her five for the pussy then i took her to the mall
That’s all babygirl thats all
18 for the whole nine five for the half
Came up in the hood sellin fifty dollar slabs
Thats all playboy thats all

When them bottles start poppin girls start jockin
The girl so fine that i took the chick shoppin
Dueces on the old school smokin on the dro fool
Know that its a hit, my voice done hit the tool
Gucci mane frank nitty got it like
That never seen a chick wit a body like that
Shawty actin feisty too damn sheisty
Get wit gucci mane baby u be so icy
Can’t lie baby girl you fine as hell
Will i hit it in the first date time will tell
Baby says she like the way the top drop back
Never thought my home boy girl a jock like that
40 on the braclet back to basic
A mill worth of ice in these playa haters faces
A mill worth of ice in gucci mane good gracious
Got a slick flow and i think its contagious


I ain’t wit that flexin cat he investing
Tell htese playa haters to check my bds benz
Like yao ming man my money staked tall
I deal for half a mill nigga thats all
See a broad gucci mane ill buy
The same dude u shop wit im his supplier

Gucci gucci gucci yours truly thats me
Hood rich or cocky i just might be
Wit my chain so bright ray charles might see
More ice on me than a game of hockey
If you want a mean dick you can ride my six
Suck a good dick then ill get your hair fixed
Gucci brake bricks down used to sell fifties
Watch on my wrist man it cost a buck fifty
King of the city gucciman frank nitty
Ill gives a bitch a dove if she let me touch her tities


Gucci mane make you look lke you posed to look
Gucci shoesgucci fit and a pocket book
Let you party like a rock star, ride in boxcar
Have you gainin weight everyday eatin lobster
All your friends invited so u can bring a partner
Gucci in the hood sellin weed like a docter
Fifty dollar slab to a trunk full of holes
Never at the house cause im always doing shows
Teamed up with big cat now they want to chit chat
Role to crash raod, flat shoals represent that
Gucci in the booth and my flows crazy
Is it hot in here nigga or its just me
Have you at south beach fallin of jet ski
Smokin purple weed under shade of palm trees
In biloxi we could spend a hundred gees
Ill play the crap table you get the slot machine

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