Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Muddy

Hook: Gucci:
Got buddy, my buddy
Goddamn that boy pour muddy
My buddy pour muddy
Goddamn that boy pour muddy
Pour it in – muddy, muddy…
Goddamn that boy pour muddy
Real muddy, that boy pour muddy
Goddamn that boy pour muddy

Verse 1: Gucci:
I’ve got a buddy pour the shit real muddy
Goddamn that boy pour muddy
I’ve got a buddy pour the Sprite real dirty
Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn…
I’ve got a buddy from the country but he think he from the city
He a country shady nigga but the nigga really picky
Drankin’ on a pint and it cost a pretty penny
Gucci Mane and Dolph, freshest niggas in the city
All these bosses eat a trap, shoot with the rats
Econoline ’99, I was sellin’ sacks
Mama threw me out the house and I moved in with Pot
Sleepin’ on the floor, I didn’t even have a stack

Hook: Gucci:

Verse 2: Young Scooter:
Take a whole 2 litre, pour a whole pint in it
And I’m in the club sleepin’ ’cause that lean got me trippin’
And I smoke an ounce with it, plus I’m on the mollies, nigga
Clear crystals keep me up, that lean bring me down, nigga
When we pout it up, it be muddy…
South Memphis, I’m with OG Boo Dirty
I’m on a paper route, I’ve gotta fuck with Young Dolph
Money, power, ammunition, PeeWee, take ’em off
I call pilots, tell ’em… a thousand pints up
Nigga wanna spend an 80, knowing he a duck
Soon as I left out of court I started pouring up
And we don’t pour up red, we pour up purple, bruh

Hook: Gucci:

Verse 3: Young Dolph:
All I drink is mud…
Take your girl and turn her into my nighttime slut
But we don’t hardly ever fuck
I swear I’m scared of that bitch ’cause her pussy too good
Damn, or maybe it could be me
I’m full of syrup, jumped in that pussy and fell asleep
Shit… I can’t be doin’ this
Go with my pistol in my hand and went and took a piss
Damn… yeah, I’ve been goin’ HAM
Go and ask the streets be, they gon’ tell you who I am
Your little sister say she love me
Your baby mama wanna fuck me and my cup extra muddy

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