Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Jewelry

Chorus: Gucci Mane:
Please let me floss my jewlery
So much ice I make yo eye sight blurry (burr)

Jewlery have on too much jewelry
Never to much, never too much, so much

Gucci Mane:
Dis ain’t even half my jewlery
It’s gettin kinda cold n I’m serious(whoosh whoosh whoosh)

Zaytoven (Gucci Mane):
Jewlery, please help me rock my jewlery
(Everybody starin cause we rockin big jewlery)

Verse 1:
People see me rockin big jewlery
My jewlery talk for me babygurl don’t u hear it
Serious, dis ain’t even half my jewlery
Red diamond chamber charm is on it’s period (feel me)
So many ? : see the slight flaws n my necklace
Put my dog on n put my heart on second
Tell my auntie 2 bring all my braclets(yeaaaaaaaaaaaa)
Blue piece cabniet it’s gone hurt dey faces
Oj flexin with a blue n white jacob(jacob)
How u think u got a boi baker
So icey ceo is coverin like make-up
Gucci huh!

Chorus x2:

Verse 2:
Gucci Mane please can I have it or wear it
Don’t touch it baby look but don’t grab it (thrash it) cold ass mornin boo catch it
Caught it hope she treat it like it’s important(woo)
Don’t rush up on our table lil shawty (pow pow)
Homie ova dere is holdin down da glock .40 (.party)
Everybody n here ballin(brangin)
Everybody here chain swagin (well dam)
(hangin) dam I wish I had 9 pinkys
(drankin) poppin pills n rollin up stankys
Dis corner over here is nutin but iced out gangstas
With iced out ears, chest, wrist, n fingaz
(fingaz) y u think we holdin down bangaz (gangnstas)
Y u think we twistin our fingaz (fingaz)
Y u think we holdin down bangaz (gangnstas)
Y u think we twistin our fingaz
So icey


Verse 3:
Jewlers, brightlets, jacobs, mullers,
My jeweler down 2 ? :(colors)
White diamonds n colors
He’s an arrogant muthafucka(blinged out)
Wrist like dis boi u got 2 hustle(hustle)
Cocaine da boss with da hammer n da muscle (scurcch scurchh scurchh)
300 hundred thousand ruffles n da duffle
Snitches, bitches, fake sack bussa(pussies)
Ketchup diamond
Got a mustard
Got a jewlery boss
Man got a jewlery treasuer
Vvs rocks all around my bezzel
Vvs rocks all n her banga
Orange n black jacob look like da Bengals
Wen u iced out u can’t talk 2 strangers
Vvs rocks all n my fangaz
I’m so iced out I can’t talk 2 strangers
So icey (so icey baby)

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