Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – I’m Expecting

I’m expectin, like yo girl when she pregnant
What you expect? i expect another check in
I’m expectin to pass all these inspections
Ice hoes cause i got it all you guessed it(burr)
I’m expectin, what you expectin?
Bitch you ride patsy cause you just a pedestrian
I’m expectin, what you expectin?
Bitch you ride patsy cause your just a pedestrian

I’m the boy straight out the joint
But i stay sharp
Like a job i’m rollin joints
Me and mob bricksquad
Ya that’s the name
You know the gang
What i claim
Me juicy french wooh flocka flame
I expect to be the best
Bitch we the crest
I’m so hood
It ain’t no good
I need to rest
Me and zay
Are cryin shame
We ain’t got too much time to laugh
We countin cash
Im stackin change
Got new lyrics
You want to hear it
Suggest you listen
Pay attention
To what i’m spittin
See how i glissin
Ice on my wrist
Ice on my fist
Ice on my neck
Ice on my tims
Ice on my rims
What you expect…gucci

You know dat nolia boy keep it movin
If you aint bout ya money what you doin?
What you doin? what ya doin?
Keep it movin keep it keep it movin
It’s juvenile
Ice in my grill
Im on that kill
And i will
Show you whats real
So what the deal
Betta chill
Get you a beer
Pop you a pill
How it feel
When i pass you up
And you see the wheels
I dont see you niggas anyways so im pressin the gas
Down the street by my bitch cause im bout to get him some head
Ya and me and gucci gettin cash
We got shit happenin in the future
But yall stuck on the past Comentários

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