Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Gunnin

Shootin’ for it, gun, gunnin’ for it
Guwop, so high, I could skydive
Shootin’ for it, gun, gunnin’ for it
I’m so high that I could skydive
I ain’t wore levi’s since ’89
My tree-house like it’s teatime
But tea time is lean time

So I’m rich, kiss my behind
My verse so hard, make you rewind
Got 8 artists, but meantime
Matter fact, naw, its thug and peewee time
Watches on, it’s freeze time
Going in like pe time
Sell seashell, I got c4 and if I see a hater, then it pulls out

Fuck a bird and a bitch, I need a bird in the hand
Tell your bitch you a camel, make her walk through the sand
Jump on the plane with 10000 grams
Cookin’ up dope, 10000 hands
Cookin’ up dope, 10000 pants
I just fucked my 10000th fan

Got 10000, 10000 bands
Got so much money that I’m hurting my hand
Cut ’em off, I don’t need you man
How you bite that hand that feed you man?
Like I feed that nigga, I bleed that nigga
I don’t need that nigga, I bleach that nigga

All my niggas they shootin’ for it
All my niggas they gunnin’ for it
Mpa, I’m shootin’ for it
Bsm, I’m gunnin’ for it
1017 I’m shootin’ for it
Dirt gang, nigga, I’m gunnin’ for it

Nigga don’t know about ‘wop?
He better learn somethin’
Gucci mane got them young niggas
Them young niggas gone burn somethin’
Niggas say that time’ll tell, but time
Gone tell I turn this nigga
Time better tell I’m a burn that nigga
Gucci mane, you better learn somethin’

You can earn somethin’, come duke out with me
Run up on ‘wop, come shoot out with me
Gucci mane ain’t no wicked nigga, my clip out here hold 150
Many men wish death on me, so guwop feel just like young 50
3 Tear drops, gotta get 3 more
Cause I can’t go out like pac and biggie
I’m a shootin’ for you ‘for I talk to you

Chalk ya ‘for I talk ya
I’mma splack ‘for I dap ya
I’mma nap ya ‘for I tap ya
‘For I smurf you, I’mma hurt you
‘For I meet you, I’mma murk you
‘For I call you, I’mma call on you
I’mma smoke you, close call fool Comentários

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