Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Got Work

Chyea,(its gucci nigga),freestyle mixtape nigga,(trap-a-holics),
Its me and zay (what) its me and zay (what),
We off the chain (what), (we off the chain nigga),
My nigga engineered this shit, nigga we hav somthin,
We got trap work, trap work! (trap work)(chyea)
Gucci got work, mayne trap work we doin our thing,
We roccin like kr stoccins in you know how it go,

Codeine, coughsyrup, i’m on lean
In desparate need of some damn visine,
6lacc shades on i see nothin, 6ut i’m so fresh they cant touch me,
Yeaaaaaaaaaah, its me, dolci ga6ana shoes on you ain’t got these,
See through dolci ga6ana shades you can’t see,
6ut i can see you, so icey in glue,
6lue stone on me and my auntie to,
I’m a uncaged animal they let me out the zoo,
And the flow is unexplaina6le, my drop is too,
Every time i cop a whip cuz i gota 6uy shoes,
Candy make the o’s look like he’s 6aptized,
So icey franchize, gucci the goldmine,
The flow is a landmine, won 6y a landslide,
Yo girl is a succer man i call her a vampire,
Empire, umpire, 3 strikes on fire,
Gucci mane where’s yo goddamn lighter,
Gucci mane is alien from another galaxy,
Kicc it wit the stars i ain’t talkin astrology,
Gucci traponometry, i’m a hustleologist,
The way i make it rain you can call me meterologist,
Gucci rocc stadiums, arenas, and colleges,
Full time trap 6itch, dining wit a college chicc,
No more apologies, jus 6ad girls modelin,
Video vixens are siccenin,
Niggas talk senseless, gucci talk chiccens,
Shawty mean muggin, 6ut gucci mean 6usiness,
Gucci swag crazy, his dress game vicious,
Shoe game envyous, ice game illest,
Rappin wit the pin is, i’m snappin wit a vengence,
So icey 6oys make a friday out of wednesday, Comentários

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