Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Don’t Believe That

I gotta homie named frankie last name mueller
And he hang with my panky ice cooler
And my role you should thank me thank my jeweler
Cuz he got me so icy if another
Hater try to take my jewelry ima probably have to go and pick a jury
Im goin m6 karots can you hear me im so flashy suckas cant stand near me
When i be a grand dad i tell my grand children
When i was 30 years old i had 30 million
Came a long way from trappin in a vacant building 60,000 people screaming such a great feelin.

Think he all that he think he all that he think he all that
But i dont believe that gucci mane wac gucci cant rap gucci aint trap
But you dont believe that im tryin to get fat chicks
And all that you think you go harder but i dont believe that
And you dont believe that no you from way back
You dont believe that and i dont believe that we just dont believe that.

It is not that easy you goin to have to try harder to decieve me
Before i ever started gettin rap money
I was wrappin up them things like a mummy
Your whole crew like food for my tummy
And im hungry right now so its ovey
Im tha hood mvp with a trophy
I got 5 rings on like im kobe
Im puttin it down like my good partner toby
He in tha feds yeah them people gave him 40
Im still ridin around tha city with the 40
I think what tha f*ck i wanna think just run up on me.


I just got a text message should i say a sex message
Say she got an ice fetish told her get her mouth ready
Hydro got my light headed lambo got her sight seeing
Not tha average human being so im ridin in european
Paid em and i bring em in start out ??? indo f*ck it
Please dont ask her once again they at my hotel going in
Gucci mane be going in f*ck your throat go again
Dj hit my hoe again tell me what you recommend
I put it down i fly em in fly em out then go again
I get around like tupac 94′ but its 2010
17 brick squad records ima busy man
Stay out gucci buisness this aint where tha rings on gucci hands

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