Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Dear Diary

Gucci mane i go so hard sometimes
I be like god damn where i get these rhymes
Flow so fuckin crazy i dun lost my mind,
I’m icy as a polar bear look i am not lyin

Gucci go so hard some times
I be like god damn where i get all those lines
Flow so fuckin crazy i dun lost my mind,
I’m icy as a polar bear look i am not lyin

California indo kush back in the rental
I was sellin enzo niggas was playin nintendo
U just bought a benzo gucci mane bought an enzo
Drop top car were jumpin out of the windows
Rocks on my wrist like wilma had on the flinstones
Runnin like a limo same size as mutombo
Whole lotta ammo hottest nigga that i know
Strapped like rambo smoking a cigarillo
Red charm jell-o diamond chain mellow yellow
Woke up in a mansion but grew up in the ghetto
Don’t get it twisted gucci still keep a big o
Whole lotta hollows gucci ill leave a peephole

Charmin rapper but my jewelry nasty
I’m flashy money got my denim saggin
My girls all spoiled crazy things they ask me
And when i tell them no they have temper tantrum
If u don’t see me shinin then u need some glasses
Sorry girlfriend but your mans an havoc
That costume jewelry that your man is wearin
Its 09 shinin cuz them aint diamonds
Money like yao min pull up in that red thang
Hit the parkin lot leave it just like a car scene
Stoppage gucci bag ,shoes, and the wallet
Lions, tiger, bears in my hood and in my closet

Dear diary make this nigga try me
I gave that boy a 40 and he said hell pay me friday
Try to fuck wit my money man i don’t wanna hear it hoe
Owe me money pay me money or me and my niggas comin
Honey this is serious business please excuse yourself bitch mind your business
1st rule is dont leave no witness wish a nigga would just try me mane
Police wanna know my description gunz and smokin purple drankin
Money is my destination fuck these niggas reputation
Process of elimination if that nigga bigger man
Then go and get a bigger gun gucci got a bigger drum
That’ll make 10 niggas run. that’ll make 10 niggas run
Gucci got a bigger drum that’ll make 10 niggas run Comentários

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