Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane – Animosity

Riding in the bert with a bad bitch,
Its not a miss its a actress,
Im perfect and i aint gotta practice,
Hate pussy ass niggas with a pashion,
Im a siesty boy, so icey boy,
If i aint gotta gun ill knife the boy,
More tattoes than a biker boy,
Gotta jay and a blunt so we light the boy.
Gucci fix gucci kiss, she got done for me so i salute the bitch,
Recuit the chick, i make her move my bricks,
Turn the girl to a dose of a lunitic, chase the cash,
Like i make it fast, and i sure found that like stacie’s dad.
Bring work so she can multitask,
Main thing on her mind is to blow up the stash,
You a masterbater im a calculator, got a van,
But i really need a tractor trailer, ill mack you later,
I might crack you later, but you the type of nigga that stack the data,
You a tricky bitch, cause you a bigger trick,
Try to steal from my chick, imma dig a ditch,
And i didnt hear you nigga you cant tell me shit,
Cause im white folk black folk nigga rich.
Here is a start, better than all the others. Comentários

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