Grai – In the arms of Mara (English translation)

White winter came without asking
Severe she came, covered all around with silver snow
Turned to ice my soul and my heart
Chained the river with the frozen tears.

White winter brought ill thoughts.
Sun hid, there’s a full moon in the sky.
In the twilight I wonder, hear death creeps silently
Snowy tempest whistles and revolves rapidly.

Relentless winter housed coldness in the heart
Cold she came, without asking
Brought sorrow, took all my force away
White winter.

Snowy fir trees shake in wind,
And fierce winter in the heart doesn’t come to end.
Blizzard knocked to the window unexpectedly
Cruel winter.

And I can’t sleep, blizzard charmed the soul.
Winter took away the beloved friend.
Evil winter’s sorcery ruined my soul,
Cruel winter took me in the Mara’s arms.

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