Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks – Cowboy Cadillac

I’ve never known one beter
She’s a real go getter
If you met her you’d be good as gone

She’s a real red liner
Likes it all behind her
She’s the kind that keeps you hangin’ on

She’s a cowboys buddy
Even when she gets muddy
Lord, she’s lovely from her front to back

So either comin’ or goin’
Know her best side’s showin’
She’s my Cowboy Cadillac

She’s the perfect picture
Of the perfect mixture
‘Tween a woman and a fine machine

She’s a hard work lover
A real tough mother
She’s the cover of a magazine

And I’m happy knowin’
That what keeps me goin’
Is what’s gonna keep me comin’ back

She’s my honkin’ tonkin’
Everything I’m wantin’
Cowboy Cadillac

She loves to haul them cattle
All my ropes and saddle
And it doesn’t matter work or play

If it’s a mountain
She can crawl it
If it’s hay
Then she can haul it
She’s the last one to call it a day

Every cowboy loves her
Lord, they all dream of her
Oh brother, don’t they all react

At the end of the evening
When they see me leaving
With my Cowboy Cadillac


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