Eminem – The Kiss (Skit)

Skit: Eminem, Gary:

“Everybody’s Looking At Me” plays in the background:

“I’m gonna kill this bitch. I’m gonna kill her. I’m going to fucking jail ’cause I’m gonna kill this bitch!”
“Yo, man…”
“I don’t know, I got a really, really bad feeling about this…”
“Man, would you shut the fuck up, Gary!? You always got a bad feeling, man! That’s her car right there, just park.”
“Alright, just let me park… I’m parking!”
“Fucking turn the car off, dawg.”
“Aight, we wait.”
“We wait for what?”
“We wait until she comes out, and then I’m gonna fucking kill her.”
“Man… you ain’t gonna kill no one—what the fuck did you bring that for!?”
“Man, shut the fuck up, dawg. Just shut up. Fucking clip is empty, it’s not—” Eminem reveals the empty gun magazine:
“Man, don’t point that shit at me!”
“It’s not even loaded, bitch, look.” Eminem pulls trigger, unloaded gun clicks:
“Dude! God, I fucking hate when you do that shit.”
“Yeah, but it’s funny as fuck.”
“Gonna fuck around and kill me one of these days, I swear…”
“Gets you every time.”

“Soldier” theme begins to play:

“Is that her?”
“Right there, motherfucker.”
“Oh, yeah…”
“Aight, get down, get down.”
“Fuck, here we go again…”
“Get down!”
“…The fuck? You want me to get under the car?”
“Yo, who’s she walking with?”
“The fuck am I supposed to know? You told me to duck down!”
“It’s the fucking bouncer… Did she just kiss him?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Dawg, sh—she just fucking kissed him!”
“No, she didn’t.”
“Sh—she’s kissing him, dawg.”
“No, she’s not!”
“She fucking kissed—” Eminem exits car:
“Aw, shit…”
“Come on.” Eminem runs off, yelling “Motherfucker!”:

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