BTS – Hug Me (Cover) (English translation)

Verse 1: V:
Unable to win over my heart of sorrow
I endure yet another dark night of sleeplessness
Without a care about my despair
The morning heartlessly wakes me up

Verse 2: V:
The scars hurt more than I expected
The pain goes deeper than I expected
The countless nights I spend resenting you
Are like hell to me

Chorus: V:
Stay by my side, stay with me
Don’t let go of my hand you hold
If you take one step away
I can just take one step closer

Verse 3: V:
Thousands of times a day
My thoughts come back to you
All the cruel words you said to me
That icy look, those cold expressions

Verse 4: V:
You were such a pretty person
You were such a pretty person
Please don’t do this to me
You know me well

Verse 5: J-Hope:
Oh girl
Those words you said lightly at the time
Made light our relationship in the end
I didn’t know familiarity was the scariest thing
I didn’t know your heart, until our end full of regrets
By the day, your empty spot grows bigger
Oh shit
Even if we water our flower bed that was once beautiful
Only our memories remain in full bloom
Only the scent of longing wafts out
If I can just see you again
I want to show you my everything
I’ll hug you and hold you tight
So you can read my beating heart
For real, for real
Until this truth rests in your embrace

Outro: V:
Just hug me, please hug me
Just run to me without a word
With a lonely and anxious heart
Like this I wait for you
I love you, I love you
I’ll shout out from this long silence
My foolish and weak heart

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