Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath – Cry All Night

Caught up in the pain of a broken heart
Life isn’t what it seems
Because it’s all been torn apart
Is my imagination playing tricks on me?
The politics of love
Have turned into a conspiracy

Wash your life in mother’s tears
Grieving after all disease
Tell me who gave you the right
Get down on your knees and cry all night
Cry all night

Insanity and madness, better or for worse
Dishonesty and lies
Have turned a blessing to a curse
And in this world of sadness
It’s easier to blame
Deception and denial
Shuns the burning of the flame

The path of life leads to the grave
God have mercy, Jesus save
Guide us through, now, hold on tight
Get down on your knees and cry all night

Why don’t we try to find a real solution?
No need to cry, so wipe away those tears
So many times I’ve tried, but you won’t listen
Now it’s too late to save those wasted years

Mind assassination, break the golden rules
Who do you think you are?
To me, you’re just another fool
You didn’t stop to reason, you didn’t even try
Only see things from your side
It’s all a one way ride

Don’t go under, stand your right
Wish someone would stop the fight
Shattered dreams fall out of sight
Get down on your knees and cry all night
Cry all night
You’re gonna cry all night
Cry all night

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