Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave (Alternate Lyrics)

Save me! Save me!
Say yeah! Say yeah!
Save me! Save me…

Verse 1:
I want you to understand
What you gonna do with me
People say they don’t wanna know
What they gonna do with me
Well, I know they just gotta go
With a heart of misery
Please don’t [?] with my soul
Let my soul go free, yeah!

Verse 2:
Now I sit here on my own
Lookin’ at the sky and die
When I see a Pilgrim knock ’em down
And take me for a ride
When I look into your face
What do I see but creation?
Let me know you’re children too
We’ll know there is reason, yeah!

Save me! Save me!
Save me! Save me…

Verse 3:
And I know what’s going on
People don’t know really know
Well I spat into your face
What am I to do?
If you go one with your soul
Go on where we’re safe

Black Sabbath Man with you’re head so long
Didn’t realize, but he’s dead

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