Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath – Cardnial Sin

Where do you go when your conscience takes over
Do you crawl to your corner and cry
Did you imagine, that no one would notice
Just a secret to take when you die

All the world is watching you, every tongue is
Screaming sinner

How are your dreams, do they claw at your sleep
Making darkness a place you despise
Where is the god, that once was your strength
Are you sure he was there from the start

All the world is watching you, nowhere you can hide
Every tongue is screaming sinner, only satan hears your cries

When you sin cardinal sin, you make your bed and on it you must lie
And your futures looking grim, but did you ever give a damn
About the child, he’s running wild
When you sin cardinal sin, don’t you expect the world will treat you well
We say oh, go to hell

We point the finger, sin cardinal sin, laugh in your face, sin
Cardinal sin
We point the finger, laugh in your face
Cos you’re no better than the rest of the human race

Oh sin cardinal sin, oh sin cardinal sin

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